Version 0.3.13 (2010-01-21)

  • Fixed documentation location (--docdir in configure)

    • thanks to Chris Mayo for patch

  • Moved source code control to Github

  • Improvements to build system

  • Updated to autoconf 2.60, libtool 2.2, automake 1.10 and Doxygen 1.7.3

  • Fix problem with extern inline by changing them to static inline

  • Wrote perl script to test output of the frontend

  • Changed all debugging messages, writing to stdout to write to stderr

  • Removed calls to exit() from libtwolame.

  • Added --non-copyright option (which is enabled by default)

  • Fix for bad copy/paste of variable assignment.

  • Manpage correction

  • Changed fopen() options to wb to fix Windows

Version 0.3.12 (2008-01-09)

  • Fixed inline for the forthcoming gcc-4.3

    • thanks to Martin Michlmayr for patch

Version 0.3.11 (2007-07-02)

  • Fixed energy levels bug for mono audio

    • thanks to Staale Helleberg for patch

  • Fixed STDIN support in twolame frontend

Version 0.3.10 (2007-03-20)

  • Added win32/winutil.h to tarball - fixes bug #1629945

  • Fixed presentation of --enable-debug in configure script

  • Added twolame_encode_buffer_float32_interleaved()

  • Fixed bug that was loosing stereo in twolame_encode_buffer_float32()

  • Fixed twolame_set_mode() to accept TWOLAME_AUTO_MODE

  • Added source file Ids to the top of every file

  • Added -pedantic to CFLAGS for debug build

Version 0.3.9 (2006-12-31)

  • Fix for Windows in simple frontend: open files in binary mode

    • thanks to Kurien Mathew

  • (libtwolame) Fixed energy level support

    • thanks to Staale Helleberg

  • Nows displays the version number of libsndfile in frontend

    • as suggested by Elio Blanca

  • Changed documentation build system, so you have to run it manually

  • Buffer overrun fix in new_extension()

  • (libtwolame) Added warning that DAB support is still broken

  • (libtwolame) Added twolame_get_framelength() to return number of bytes per frame

  • Added TWOLAME_SAMPLES_PER_FRAME macro, clarifying that there are always 1152 samples per frame in Layer 2

  • Frontend now displays extra information

    • Duration of input file (if known)

    • Total number of frames to be encoded and percentage complete

    • The filesize of the output file

  • Cleaned up source files so that it is consistent and all uses tabs (tab width 4)

Version 0.3.8 (2006-06-19)

  • (libtwolame) Fixed CRC protection

  • More code tidying

  • pkg-config is no-longer required (but is recommended)

  • frontend now has the exectuable suffix appended to filename

  • added -std=c99 to the compiler options

Version 0.3.7 (2006-05-07)

  • (libtwolame) Added twolame_encode_buffer_float32() function

  • (libtwolame) Fix NAN bug for AMD64 processors

  • Checks type sizes of short and float

Version 0.3.6 (2006-12-25)

  • Removed comma which was causing problems with -pedantic

    • Thanks to Akos Maroy

  • (libtwolame) Added libtool library versioning

Version 0.3.5 (2005-11-29)

  • (libtwolame) Added back twolame_get_VBR_q/twolame_set_VBR_q

  • More documentation is installed

Version 0.3.4 (2005-11-19)

  • (libtwolame) Checks parameters a bit better

  • (libtwolame) Removed lots of exit() calls

  • (libtwolame) added twolame_print_config() API call

  • (libtwolame) Fixed twolame.h so that it works with C++ code

  • Rewrote frontend and now (only) uses libsndfile

  • Changed behavior in frontend and backend for verbosity setting

  • Rewrote manpage for frontend

  • (libtwolame) Fixed bug with setting MPEG version

  • (libtwolame) Removed default samplerate - must choose one

  • (libtwolame) Original flag is now turned on by default

  • (libtwolame) Default bitrate is automatically chosen based on the samplerate/channels

  • (libtwolame) Default mode is automatically chosen based on the number of channels

  • Documentation improvements and corrections

  • (libtwolame) made some of VBR debugging send to stderr instead of stdout

Version 0.3.3 (2005-04-19)

  • Added Debian package description

  • Now installs documentation

  • Removed old unused tables.c and tables.h sources

Version 0.3.2 (2005-04-10)

  • Added scaling of input samples

  • Added downmixing/upmixing of samples

  • Applied patch from Christophe Massiot to make TwoLAME thread-safe

Version 0.3.1 (2004-09-17)

  • Frontend displays information about the input file format

  • Fixed bug with audio_get_samples reading more than buffer size

  • Added asciidoc documentation

  • Added doxygen documentation

Version 0.3.0 (2004-09-14)

  • Based on tooLAME 0.2m beta 8

  • changed build system to use automake/libtool

  • now builds shared library

  • restructured lots of code

    • Removed some dead code and unused files

  • should now be close to being thread safe

  • removed memory leaks / static variables

  • changed library API so that it is almost the same as LAMEs

    • hopefully not too many people have been using the old API

    • not too many big differences

    • will hopefully add resampling support to next release

    • API is ready for resampling support to be added

    • ready for downmixing to be added to libtoolame

  • Added libsndfile support to toolame frontend (if you have it)

  • moved set/get functions into get_set.c

  • I have broken energy levels support (sorry !) - will try and fix

  • Added LGPL header to the top of all the files

  • Added toolame_encode_buffer_interleaved